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EMEPC participates in EMSO - PT

EMSO-PT is a European Large Scale Research Infrastructure, composed by multidisciplinary underwater observatories and other supporting infrastructures for data processing, with the purpose of providing scientific information in a continuous way, about marine environmental processes related to the interaction between the geosphere, the biosphere and the hydrosphere.

EMSO-PT is composed by members from R&D institutions developing advanced instrumentation and technology in line with national and European priorities, and is part of the EMSO-ERIC European initiative.


EMEPC has acquired a multibeam for the Luso ROV under EMSO-PT and I even sent you the video announcing the tests (May 2021;; it also acquired a Rapid pro CTD with turbidity sensor that was used in this Crista-Madeira-Tore 2022 campaign.



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Learn more about the EMEPC Framework

Useful links:

- Project Factsheet

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