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The ROV Luso is a remotely operated vehicle capable of diving to depths of 6,000m. For Portugal, it represents the ability to reach and operate on 100% of the ocean floor under national sovereignty (including the future area corresponding to the extension of the continental shelf) and 97% of the seabed on a global scale.

Mini ROV's

The "AC-ROV" and the "Observer" remote operation vehicle are 2 observation class vehicles characterised by a high degree of portability and internal batteries, allowing the system to operate in remote locations where it is difficult to access a power source. 

Vessel "Selvagem Grande"

The vessel "Selvagem Grande" was acquired in 2010 to meet the EMEPC’s needs for support in major campaigns, both for divers and in the operation of equipment to carry out some coastal work.

Other Equipament

Among other existent equipment: Magnetometer, Side-scan Sonar, CTD´s, USVP and UCTD, Gravimeter, Rosette, Spectroradiometer, Wing.

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