Previous Projects and Partnerships


The SNIMar geoportal is a spatial data infrastructure (IDE) that constitutes a central point for aggregating, researching and providing geographic information on the marine environment in Portugal. It is a web interface that enhances public access to information provided by partners and entities participating in SNIMar.

[The SNIMar geoportal is currently managed by IPMA]

M @ rBis - Information System for Marine Biodiversity

M@rBis is a georeferenced information system for national marine biodiversity, whose main objective is to provide the necessary information in order to fulfill Portugal's commitments to the European Union's process of extending the Natura 2000 Network (RN2000) to the marine environment, in waters under national jurisdiction.

[This project is currently managed by the IPMA]

Sea Kit

[This project is currently managed by DGPM]

Kit do Mar is a program to promote ocean literacy.
We develop training actions, provide educational resources linked to school programs and create educational projects for different teaching cycles with the aim of actively mobilizing children and young people on issues related to the ocean, in order to create a more bluer society.

BioMar PT - Learn to know Portugal's marine environment

The BioMar PT project - Learning to know the marine environment of Portugal - is an initiative that aims to increase the skills of senior staff in order to ensure the implementation of the Framework Directive "Marine Strategy" in mainland Portugal, providing training to carry out continuous multidisciplinary monitoring, acquisition of technical skills for the application of standardized methodologies for processing and analyzing the samples collected, as well as the treatment and analysis of the data and its availability in a simple, standardized and easy to understand manner.


This project is developed by the Hydrographic Institute in partnership with EMEPC and aims to contribute to the global knowledge of the morphology of the seabed, completing the high resolution mapping of national seabed by 2030. Its mission is to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of the sea, supporting research and promoting development.