The ROV Luso is a vehicle adapted for science in order to maximise the chances of collecting various types of sample (geological and biological - with different requirements in packaging the samples - sediments and water), and is equipped with various sensors that collect and provide key information in real time relating to the physical and chemical characteristics of the body of water in which the ROV is operating.

After the vehicle was purchased, it underwent several modifications. It was given added height, allowing the development of a larger sample box, the incorporation of a suction sampler with 5 individual chambers and an area for storing a group of corers. New sensors were also incorporated, such as CO2, CH4, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and fluorescence sensors. Specific tools were also developed for the ROV, such as a rock saw for sampling in situ (developed in partnership with the LARSyS - IST) and new corers with internally designed restraint systems (developed in partnership with the company Isonewt).

  • 2 robotic manipulators, the RigMaster and the Titan4 with 5 and 7 functions, respectively. (Specifications: rigmaster and titan-4);

  • High definition video camera (Specifications: argus_HD);

  • DVL, Doppler Velocity Log, to measure currents, model WorkHorseNavigator 1200 (Specifications: workhorseNav);

  • CTD ((measurement of salinity, temperature and pressure) with fluorescence, dissolved O2 and turbidity sensors (Specifications: SAIVCTD);

  • CH4 and CO2 sensors (Specifications: ControsCH4 e ControsCO2);

  • Compartment for geological and biological samples;

  • Suction sampler with 5 independent sampling chambers;

  • Niskin bottles (2.5l capacity) to collect water samples;

  • Push corers for collecting sediment;

  • Green line lasers, for measuring (Specifications: ImencoLasers);

  • Sonar (Specifications: KongsbergMs1000);

  • Altimeter (Specifications: Kongsberg1007);

  • Depth (Specifications: SAIVDepthMeter);

  • Compass and Gyroscope (Specifications: KVHC100 e KVHDSP3000);

  • Acoustic positioning system, model TrackLink10000HA (Specifications: TrackLink10000)

For detailed specifications of the ROV Luso click here.

The ROV Luso it is set on a platform of European infrastructures so as to facilitate access to the scientific community. See platform.


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