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Other Equipment


Magnetometers are items of measuring equipment used in the marine environment to measure the force and, in some cases, the direction of the magnetic field associated with a particular geographical location.

This type of equipment is widely used to measure the earth's magnetic field and in geophysical surveys to detect magnetic anomalies of natural or anthropogenic origin.

Side-scan Sonar

A side-scan sonar is an acoustic system used to create, in an efficient manner, an image of considerable areas of the seabed. This kind of equipment acoustically scans the seabed, then measures the intensity of the acoustic reflections from the soil.


The CTD Idronaut 316 allows the acquisition of various physical-chemical parameters of the water at depths of up to 6,000 metres. The parameters consist of pressure, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, fluorescence, pH and redox potential.


The UnderwayCTD and rapidSV are vertical water column profilers having the advantage of allowing the acquisition of data with the vessel in motion and in a short space of time, reducing ship costs and the number of profiles for a specified time.


A gravimeter is a device that allows the acquisition of the intensity of the local gravitational field, and may be classified as a relative or absolute gravimeter according to the physical quantities involved in the measurement process.


Ocean water can be sampled using manual or automated methods. Rosette-type samplers consist of a set of bottles that close automatically or as instructed by the user, at different depths.


The spectroradiometer allows the spectrum of light within a certain range of wavelengths incident on the water column to be acquired.


The MiniBAT is a towable, remotely controlled and extremely lightweight instrumentation platform designed so that a variety of sensors may be coupled for data collection.

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