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National Sea Information System

The SNIMar project aimed to develop a geoportal to facilitate access to information on the marine environment in Portugal.

The SNIMar Geoportal is now online and can be accessed here.

Also worthy of note in this project is the development of educational resources on the importance of marine information that feeds the SNIMar geoportal.

SNIMar Geoportal
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The SNIMar geoportal is a spatial data infrastructure (IDE) that constitutes a central point for aggregating, researching and providing geographic information on the marine environment in Portugal. It is a web interface that will enhance public access to the information provided by partners and entities participating in SNIMar.

The geoportal is based on a metadata catalog that provides an easy, targeted and effective search, through related themes, keywords or words.

This IDE is fed through local catalogs of partner and participating entities. Each local catalog includes data sets / geographic services and their metadata.

Through the geoportal it is possible to perform:

• Search in the metadata catalog;

• View and download data.

Refers to the technological development of this application is based on OpenSource technologies, that is, open source software, free and unrestricted use.

Educational Resources

By facilitating the sharing, research and access to this information, the SNIMar geoportal will contribute to a more effective management of the marine environment in Portugal. Through SNIMar, anyone can search for the information that exists, either about the marine environment or about human activities that occur at sea.

By providing marine information, the SNIMar geoportal also contributes to increasing ocean literacy, that is, so that more people can understand the influence that the ocean has on us and the influence that we have on the ocean.

In this context, three educational resources were developed that highlight the importance of marine information that feeds the SNIMar geoportal:

- " The sea is my office " is a series of five films that focuses on professionals who work with marine information in their daily lives;

- " Tentacles " is a series of five animated films that explains in a simple and accessible way very complex phenomena that occur in the ocean;


- " SNIMar Quiz " is a game of questions and answers that tests our knowledge of the sea.

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